Accessibility for Visitors

The Lake Region Thresher Show is accessible to individuals with disabilities. Some of the features include:
  • Parking. There are designated parking spaces in the parking lot and a drop-off area at the gate.
  • Wheelchair access. The entire show is at flat ground level. However, a few of the historic buildings may have a step or a narrow doorway.
  • Restrooms. The permanent restrooms facilities are wheelchair accessible. Some temporary restrooms are not wheelchair accessible.
  • Assistance dogs: Service dogs are allowed on the show grounds.
  • People Wagons. Wagons with seating are pulled by tractors around the show grounds throughout the day, with the exception of the Parade of Giants.

Vehicle policy

Beginning with our annual 2019 show, we will be requiring any individual that brings in a golf cart, 4 wheeler, ATV or any other unit used for mobility or personal use on the Lake Region Pioneer Threshermen’s grounds to bring in a Certificate of Liability Insurance form for the unit you will be using during our show.

If you do not bring in a Certificate of Liability Insurance form stating Lake Region Pioneer Threshermen’s Association as Certificate Holder we will NOT be able allow you to use your unit on the show grounds.

Your insurance company will be able to provide this to you…and there should be no charge to you for this.