Tips & Guidelines

Here are some recommendations to make your visit to the Lake Region Thresher Show as enjoyable as possible.

Plan Ahead


Sunny: sunscreen
Rainy: boots / raincoat / umbrella


Bring your own or buy food/drink at the show. There are a number of options, including the Church Lunch Stand and the Sawmill Cafe.

Avoid the Crowds

Saturday is usually the busiest day of the show. If you would like to avoid the crowds, consider making your visit on Friday or Sunday.
Diagram of parking
Check in at the gate:
Buying tickets: day pass or show pass
Taking a people wagon
At the show

Lost and Found

If you lose an item, check in at the Show Headquarters. (link to map)


Announcements are made when events are taking place, so keep your ears open.

Lockers and Checkrooms

Security and Policies


All those driving steam engines, tractors, and other vehicles on the show grounds during the show, must take the safety course offered both Friday and Saturday mornings at 9 am in the Agriculture Museum. Only drivers with visible safety ribbons are permitted to be driving on the grounds due to insurance and other issues. Drivers become models for others at the show.
Vehicle Permits are required for any 4 wheelers or motorized carts on the grounds. For those physically challenged and members involved in work at the show, a permit displayed on the vehicle is required. In order to obtain a permit at the grounds headquarters building, you must present proof/certificate of liability insurance for the specific vehicle. All those receiving permits are required to not exceed 5 mph while on the grounds and observe all safety rules.
All fees are subject to change!


Service dogs only allowed on show grounds.


Yearly memberships can be purchased in advance (must be a month prior to the show to get your own personalized badge) for $15 per person, which provides each member with voting rights at the Annual Meeting held in October, and gate entrance each day during the show. Memberships at $15 can be purchased at the Headquarters Building during the show or at the Annual Meeting. Daily show fee, $10.
All fees are subject to change.


Not responsible for accidents.